MICRODOS POOLTEC is the new and innovative fully digital multi parameter instrument for the control and regulation of pool water treatment.

Control of pH / Orp / Chlorine / Temperature values.
Automatic regulation of the re-circulation pump.
Swimming pool lighting management
Other fully programmable outputs

The instrument integrates the most important and complete functions for a complete control of the pool.
Thanks to the 10-inch touchscreen and an innovative graphic interface, all operations are intuitive and easy to set.
An innovative and safe tool, thanks to the numerous automatic alarms and the possibility of customization alerts on all controlled parameters

  • Power supply 100÷240 Vac 50 Hz.
  • Protection degree IP 65
  • 100 % Made in Italy
Complete panels



✓ 3 protected programming levels (password): user (free) for basic settings, expert (password) to access more complex settings and installer (changeable password) to access device configurations.
✓ Re circulation pump management / control: automatic adjustment of the filtration pump (management of filtering hours based on the water temperature or based on pre-set programs).
✓ Operating status check.
✓ Pool cover detection function.
✓ Lighting management: programmable switching ON/ OFF for pool lighting.
✓ Programmable powered outputs: a total of 5 programmable powered outputs.✓ Programmable dry relay outputs: 5 programmable relay outputs (voltage free contact).
✓ History of the measurements of the previous months
✓ Geo localization: useful function for the installer to locate the customer more quickly.
✓ Multi-language menu: operating system available in various languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian).
✓ Web control: server for managing records, communications, and updates.
✓ Android / iOS app: via the Android / iOS app it is possible to remotely control all the parameters and alarms of the pool.
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